• Business Exchange Network

  • Structured Networking for Business Growth and Professional Development

    The Business Exchange Network (BEN) provides a structured forum where Chamber Members can increase their business by networking with other members on a regular basis and through business referrals.  Every BEN member presents a 30-second introduction at each meeting, enabling them to hone their “elevator pitch” to perfection. BEN members are also invited to make a periodic 10-minute presentation to the group.

    BEN provides a supportive environment that allows each member to share products or services with others who want to help them succeed.

    Participation in BEN is limited to one member in any given business category or specialty, meaning once you join, a competitor of yours cannot join.  BEN members agree to follow specific guidelines designed to maximize the profitable and successful of the program and its members. Click HERE to see members who are currently participating in the BEN Program.

    For more information see the BEN Rules & Committment form or contact the Chamber at info@GLBTChamber.org.

  • Business Exchange Network FAQ


    Q. How many BEN Groups are there?

    A. We currently have four BEN Groups.

    Q, Are more BEN Groups planned?

    A. No new BEN Groups are currently being planned. However, when the number of Members on the BEN Registration Wait List allows additional BEN groups will be created.

    Q. When do the BEN Groups meet?

    A. BEN I: First & third Tuesdays (11:30 AM - 1:00 PM)

        BEN II: First & Third Wednesdays (11:30 AM - 1:00 PM)

        BEN III: Second & Fourth Thursdays (8:30 AM - 10:00 AM)

        BEN After Hours: Fourth Tuesdays (5:30 PM - 7:00 PM)

    Q. Where do the BEN Groups meet?

    A. BEN I meets at Mattito's on Oak Lawn.

    A. BEN II meets at The Mercury on Preston and Forest.

    A. BEN III meets at Street's Fine Chicken on Cedar Springs.  

    A. BEN After Hours meets at Two Corks and a Bottle in the Quadrangle.

    Q. Do the BEN Groups meet year-around?

    A. No. BEN Groups meet in two semesters per year. The first semester is January through May, the second semester is July through November.

    Q. Is there a fee to be in a BEN Group?

    A. Yes. The BEN participation fee is $250 per semester. This fee includes meeting materials as well as lunch/breakfast and valet parking.

    Q. Are there special requirements to be in a BEN Group?

    A. BEN members must all be members in good standing of the North Texas GLBT Chamber of Commerce.  For additional information see the Business Exchange Network Rules and Commitment Form.

    Download the BEN Rules.


  • Business Exchange Network FAQ

    Please complete the BEN Registration Form below; click 'Submit Registration' when complete. Registrations are recorded in the order in which they are received. You will be notified of your BEN placement as soon as possible.

  • Please Note:
    Only Chamber Members in good standing may register for the BEN Program.