• Chamber Member Logo Chamber Member Logo


    Chamber Members are encouraged to include the Member Logo on their websites and display advertisements.

    The brand and logo standards for the Chamber's corporate logo apply to the Member Logo as well. Click on the link to the left to download the brand and logo standards document. When in doubt, please contact the Chamber office at 214-821-4528.

  • Chamber Corporate Logo Chamber Corporate Logo

    The Chamber Corporate logo is limited to specific uses approved in advance through the Chamber office. 

    Please call 214-821-4528 for details.


    To protect our brand’s integrity, a defined “clear space” surrounds our logo. No other image or text should appear in this area. The solid line around the logo indicates the clear space. However, the solid line box should not appear when the logo is used. The unit of measurement is determined by the boxes contained in the graphic elements of the logo. If the logo is resized, the clear space should be resized proportionally.



    Member Logo    Corporate Logo
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    Blue C100; M46; Y0; K0

    Red C0; M100; Y63; K12

  • HEX #0066B0


    Member Logo    Corporate Logo
    EPS   EPS
    JPG   JPG
    PNG   PNG


    Blue R0; G118; B192

    Red R211; G17; B69

  • HEX Colors HEX Colors

    Red = #BA122B     |     ‚ÄčBlue = #0066B0

  • * PNG logo files are formatted with a transparent background.


    The North Texas GLBT Chamber of Commerce has specific guidelines for the use of its logo as well as the Chamber Member logo. You may download a PDF of the Chamber's brand and logo standards here.